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Nomad is a brand strategy and digital design agency located in Kigali, Rwanda and Kampala, Uganda. The company was founded in 2012 by Kamara Ariho, Julius Kwame and Jeremy Byemanzi. Our goal was to create the kind of agency we always wanted to work for, doing compelling projects we could be proud of, and partnering with lovely clients who we enjoy collaborating with. And all with a good work/life balance.


at the core

Our Core Values make Nomad a great place to create great work for our clients. We have chosen four core values that we call ‘the Nomad IDEA’. ‘I.D.E.A’ is an acronym for Innovation, Dependability, Ethical Business and Accountability. These form the basis of our regional corporate culture and define how we conduct ourselves, our business and help us to value our communities.


We are innovative & creative in the way we respond to every brief. We believe that our job is not simply branding and advertising but delivering compelling communication solutions with a solid creative idea.


Our “Can Do” spirit makes us Dependable and reliable to our clients while encouraging team work and collaborations that nurture life-long relationships


We respect one another and recognize that our success greatly depends on Ethical and trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders.


We are a good neighbor and citizen in the communities where we operate. We are Accountable for our actions.

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The Nomad Philosophy
At Nomad we are devoted to discovering more effective ways to communicate with our client’s target markets. This means constantly digging, probing, learning and experimenting with alternative solutions. We determine and execute the tasks it takes to promote our clients, their brands, their products, their events, and their people.

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An agency is only as strong as its people ~ Phil Jackson. Our team is made up of bold, diverse and extremely passionate individuals ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We take pride in our work, our process and our relationships – both with each other and with our clients.


Brands & Friends

We've had the pleasure (and good luck!) of working with incredible organizations, companies and brands over the past 5 years.



Experience is better when shared
A road trip is amazing because of all the stories you can tell. Wind, landscapes, and adventures with your buddies. What makes it unforgettable are your travel companions. The same is true for our projects: we exchange views with our partners and clients and develop together tools to improve the connection with the final targets.

RIGHT-HERE is a Kenyan & Tanzania based marketing agency with extensive experience in the East African marketplace, and with a teams well versed in various sectors such as FMCG, Banking, NGO, Telcos, home furnishings, solar energy, tourism and many more. We feel sure that our skill set and creativity will make us your ideal partner whatever your objectives. We are an exciting team that is ready to take your marketing vision to the level you expect: we strive for excellence.


Together, Right-Here and Nomad give you a winning partnership that is able to turn your thriving brands into a way of life through innovative and market relevant advertising ideas.


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